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Native to a small town, David and Melissa purchased this hospital in the fall of 2023 with hopes of bringing a unique experience for pet owners to Milan, TN. We are very community minded and large pet lovers ourselves. We’re excited for West Tennessee to join in and grow with us!  As a locally owned and operated full-service veterinary clinic, we take pride in providing exceptional care for your beloved pets. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of your furry family members through a range of services, including routine exams, vaccinations, preventative care, X-rays, dental exams and cleaning, boarding facilities, a state-of-the-art surgery suite, and in-house bloodwork and urinalysis.

At Eternity Animal Healthcare, we understand the importance of proactive healthcare for your pets, which is why we offer thorough routine exams and personalized vaccination schedules to keep them happy and healthy. Our preventative care services are designed to detect and address any potential health issues before they become serious, helping your pets lead long and fulfilling lives.

With our advanced diagnostic capabilities, including X-rays and in-house bloodwork and urinalysis, we can quickly and accurately assess your pet’s health, allowing for prompt treatment and peace of mind for you as a pet owner. Additionally, our dental exams and cleaning services help maintain your pet’s oral health, preventing dental disease and ensuring their overall well-being.

Whether your pet requires a routine check-up or more specialized care, our experienced veterinary team is here to provide compassionate and professional service. We also offer boarding facilities for when you need to be away, ensuring your pets are well cared for in a safe and comfortable environment.

At Eternity Animal Healthcare, we prioritize the health and happiness of your pets above all else. We look forward to welcoming you and your furry companions to our clinic and providing them with the exceptional care they deserve.


Wellness Care

At Eternity Animal Healthcare, we sincerely believe that keeping our patients feeling their best is much better than treating illness. 


Dental Care

Over half of all cats and dogs have dental problems. Dental disease can be painful and can even damage your pet’s heart and kidneys. 



We provide the highest quality of surgical care for your pet, whether you have a young pet who needs to be spayed or neutered, or a pet with a serious injury, tumor or illness. 



We have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray system that allows us to get high quality images of your pet with a minimum amount of radiation. 


Grooming / Boarding

Let us spoil your pet.  Eternity Animal Healthcare offers both grooming services and boarding services for your special pet.  



Cremation Services

We are here to assist you for the lifetime of your pet and beyond.  Contact us regarding any cremation services you may need for your pet. 


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